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Sometimes even a penny can make a huge difference! Yes, do you know that you might be entitled to a tax refund from His Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC)? When you have paid a higher amount as taxes than your actual tax liability, you can claim a tax refund. You can use this amount the way you want. The tax paid can be in the form of advance tax, HMRC self-assessment tax return, and TDS. Mysimplytax is presenting you with an HMRC tax refund calculator to calculate your refunds in an easy, fast and effective way.

What is the HMRC Tax Refund Calculator?

At, the HMRC tax refund calculator is an online tool to assist taxpayers in estimating the amount of money they may be eligible to receive as a tax refund. Our user-friendly calculator considers various financial factors, such as income, expenses, and tax liabilities, to provide an approximate figure of the refund a taxpayer might expect.

How to Use Our Tax Refund Calculator

Register and Log In

First of all, complete the registration process and log in using the credentials you have provided at the time of registration. You can now access the “Calculate Now” feature on our dashboard.

Enter Your Details

Now you need to select the tax year. Keep in mind that you can go back four tax years. After that enter your total gross pay and then your total tax paid.

Get Estimate

When you click on “Get Estimate”, our calculator will show you an approximate amount due in case you have overpaid tax.

Key Considerations and Tips While Using the Calculator

Accuracy is Key

Ensure that the information you are filling into the calculator is accurate and up-to-date. Remember that inaccurate data may lead to incorrect calculations.

Claiming Deductions

Understand all the eligible deductions and allowances. The HMRC tax refund calculator considers various factors, including work-related expenses, charitable contributions, and more.

Keep Records

Make sure to maintain thorough records of your financial transactions, including receipts and documentation supporting your claims. These records can be requested by HMRC if further verification is needed.

Seek Professional Advice

If you have complex financial situations or uncertainties, we are here to give you the right advice. We are a team of tax professionals thus we can help you navigate the complex process of HMRC tax refund and HMRC self-assessment tax return. We are renowned for providing personalised guidance to our clients so that they can maximise their potential refund while remaining compliant with tax regulations.

How Does Mysimplytax’s Tax Refund Calculator Work?

Some of the figures that are used to calculate a tax refund include tax-free personal allowance for the tax year. This means that you only pay tax on earnings more than the tax allowance. Moreover, any income under PAYE such as pension is eligible for deduction. You pay tax at different rates depending on how much you earn. The current rates are 20%, 40%, and 45%. The tax refund calculator doesn’t take any other reason why you may have paid too much tax into account and it will only let you know an estimate when you have overpaid the tax.

What Makes Us One of a Kind

Calculating your tax refund can be tricky. However, we are here to make the process easier for you. We are experts in all tax-related things so you can trust us. In addition to providing you with the tax refund calculator, we offer you assistance to ensuring that you get what you are entitled to. With access to our Tax Refund Calculator, you make the refund process much smoother and quicker.

What to learn more about our HMRC tax refund calculator or HMRC self-assessment tax return? We are here to resolve your queries! Give us a call today and share your concerns with us.